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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

5 Fantastic Home Disability Aids

Whether you looking for Houses for sale in Chelmsford at Zoopla or Homes in London from Accessible Property Register you can keep yourself safe and mobile with these fantastic aids. Stay safe and secure in your own home.

Five fantastic Disability Aids to meet every day needs for those experiencing a variety of disabilities:

Household Adjustable Height Trolley

Practical additions to any home or kitchen, trolleys are designed to carry meals, drinks, and other items throughout the home. Adjustable Height Trolleys feature wooden frames and two shelves on wheels, which act as helpful mobility aids.

Bed Shaker Alarm

The Bed Shaker Alarm is a unit that can be placed under a pillow that vibrates with an alarm sound to help rouse the sleeper. The alarm can be set by a clock and adjusted to a volume appropriate to the individual’s needs.

Natural Grip Rails

Natural Grip Rails ensure a safe, solid grip to help balance and maintain movement. The rail is made from stainless steel and can be placed in areas including kitchens and bathrooms.

Automatic Night Lights

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Automatic Night Lights can be mounted on indoor walls to provide gentle illumination for those who need assistance maneuvering through their home in the middle of the night. The night lights activate when they sense that light has declined. These lights supportssafety and comfort at night. The LED lighting unit consumes very little power and will give more than 30,000 hours of reliable operation.

Cone Furniture Raisers

Cone Furniture Raisers are ideal for raising beds, chairs, sofas, and other furniture to a more convenient height. The raisers feature a low, durable lip around the top and built-in non-slip pads to prevent furniture legs from sliding off.