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5 Ways to Style a New Bedroom

Moving into a new home can leave you with the daunting task of redecorating. A bare, boring bedroom is not a great environment to be in. If you want to get your room back into a beautiful, cosy condition, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

1: Pillows and Duvets

Beds look their best when their layered up with thick, fluffy duvets and plenty of pillows. Colours and patterns can bring life to a room, so feel free to experiment with bright hues and prints. Floral designs can add some charm to a room, whereas minimalist designs add more style. Make sure you choose carefully depending on the rest of the furniture and patterns in the room. Having too many varying colours and patterns can get a bit out of control!

2: Artwork

Adding your own artwork to a room can reflect your personality and is a free way to make the walls a little less bare. Even if you're not creative, you can create simple, stylish pieces to hang on the wall using vegetable stamps and other natural materials dipped in paint, as pictured here:

Chopped celery dipped in red paint to create a rose-like shape.

This allows you to customise the colours and patterns you use to fit your room's design. You can always purchase art and photography too. Different art and photos can create interesting atmospheres for your room.

Painting the walls is also going to be an essential when redecorating the new bedroom. Perhaps you could use your creative skills to paint large-scale patterns on the walls directly. This is also a good idea for children's and babies' bedrooms as it adds life and colour to their room.

3: Bed Frames

Bed frames are a great way to add character to the room. Leather bed frames add style and a modern touch, like the Birlea Berlin Leather Bedstead from Bedstar which would look fantastic in a contemporary bedroom. while wooden frames can have designs and patterns that provide a traditional look. Make sure you reflect those elements with furniture and decorations, such as lamps, nightstands and wall embellishments.

4: Seating

Chairs, window seats and chaise lounges can add extra cosiness to a room, particularly in corners. They make perfect places to relax or read. Decorate them with pillows and throws for extra customisation and colour. Desks can also make a great addition to a room as they provide functionality and style to a room, as well as making it a comfortable place to use a computer, read or study.

5: Lighting

Lamps are an additional accessory for your bedroom and provide a stylish final touch. Whether they are table lamps or wall lamps, colourful lampshades will give that finishing element to the bedroom and a chance to match some patterns together from other furniture. Floor lamps can take up space if your room still feels empty. The brightness and colour of lights will change the mood of the room too.

There are plenty of options available for decorating a bedroom, so make sure to get inspired before you start working!