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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

London letting agent to specialise in accessible properties

London letting agency Branch Properties have launched a service specifically aimed at meeting the accommodation needs of disabled people in London.  The agency, which offers property for rent across London, is among the first in the private sector to clearly identify accommodation suitable for disabled people, including those who need a wheelchair access.  And the service does not stop at simply identifying suitable property.  Branch Properties is committed to working with prospective tenants to understand their needs and to support them in finding suitable accommodation.

In addition to working with tenants, the agency can advise landlords on adaptations and will work with both tenants and landlords to ensure that access needs are met.  Full property management services are available if required.  Accessible Property Register commends Branch Properties on this initiative and are pleased to provide whatever support we can.

Landlords/developers with accessible property available for rent and tenants looking for accessible/adapted property in Greater London are recommended to get in touch with Branch Properties on 020 3475 4022.