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Updating your Bathroom: Accessible and Sharp

A bathroom is a place that can be easily forgotten. When people think of updating their houses they usually think of the kitchen or the living room. Sometimes people need to update a bathroom to suit an accessibility concern. Those who are wheelchair bound need sinks at chest height rather than waist. Those who have limited mobility need even more specialized adjustments. There are those that are afraid of updating their bathroom to reflect their potentially new challenges. Just because you are making this well-used room fit you doesn’t mean you are giving in to anything. While your disability is a part of you, it doesn’t have to rule your life.

Sometimes people are afraid of updating because they fear that the options available to them are less attractive. If you’re facing a disability for the first time and your only point of reference is the handicap toilet at the mall, you are in for a surprise! You don’t have to go with boring fixtures or outdated styles. There is a whole host of modern faucets, sinks and toilets that will still suit you. If you are looking at designing your bathroom this may be something you can consider looking into. You don’t have to limit yourself to just a fresh paint job or new linens. Go bold and allow yourself to update your style.

Modern is very trendy right now and because it is so sleek and elegant it can also be timeless. Modern styles use more subdued tones along with chrome or brushed-nickel accents.  Maestrooffers a line of modern and contemporary fixtures. They have sinks that slant forward for easier access or those that don’t have the farthest edge so you have easier access for your hands. If you’re updating your bathroom and you’ve got your sink nailed down, don’t forget to update your shower as well! That’s a very commonly missed area. People generally want things to match so you can find a lot of modern shower fixtures from All Modern.

The important thing to remember is that your disability doesn’t have to limit you. Technology has advanced and design has followed closely. You can reflect your personality while still making your space functional for you. This is the bathroom you need to use every day. There are companies that specialize in creating the beautiful space you deserve. Enjoy your bathroom; love the space you’re in.