Appliance of Science – Making STEM Careers More Inclusive

    Stephen Hawking was arguably the world’s most famous scientist — dominating the domain of theoretical physics despite dealing with the devastating physical effects of motor neurone disease. However, the UK Government has recognised that too many barriers still remain for people with disabilities who want to carve careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths […]

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    Health and Safety in Adapted Properties – 3 Top Tips

    Health and safety should be incorporated into any build — but a ‘safety first’ approach is even more crucial in properties adapted for disabled residents. It’s unlikely that anything unforeseen will ever occur at your property, but accidents do happen, and disabled guests will probably not be able to make their escape from danger as […]

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    3 Partner Firms To Accelerate Your Accessible Property Enterprise

    There are potential pitfalls involved in entering any niche market — but they might be magnified with accessible property. Providing holiday homes for disabled people and their families entails always putting quality first —in terms of top-class customer care, superb staff and fantastic facilities that meet every health and safety standard. So if you’re running […]

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