3 Partner Firms To Accelerate Your Accessible Property Enterprise

3 Partner Firms To Accelerate Your Accessible Property Enterprise

There are potential pitfalls involved in entering any niche market — but they might be magnified with accessible property.
Providing holiday homes for disabled people and their families entails always putting quality first —in terms of top-class customer care, superb staff and fantastic facilities that meet every health and safety standard.

So if you’re running a tight ship with a small number of employees, bringing your business to market and sustaining success might be tricky without delegating some operational duties.

With that in mind, here are three partner firms to accelerate your accessible property enterprise.

  • Transform Architects

Unless you happen to be a niche builder with lots of experience in bespoke renovations for accessible buildings, leave these activities to professional tradespeople.

And offering every guest the same standard of experience across a property estate means ensuring they can make the most of every nook and cranny of the physical environment they’re paying for — inside and out.

Expert consultants Transform Architects specialise in designs for disabled people and have a proud pedigree of specialist projects, from small-scale commissions to multi-million-pound contracts.

They’re an excellent choice for controlling a project from start to finish — from completing accessibility assessments and conducting feasibility studies to installing hydrotherapy rooms and building extensions for sensory play areas.

  • Google

Don’t worry — a billion-pound budget isn’t necessary to harness the power of the world’s most popular search engine for promoting your business.

But you do need to grasp the opportunities the organisation offers from SMEs who want to connect with customers in a targeted manner online.

Google My Business is free to create a listing with and spreads the word about your excellent offering on Google Maps and Search.
So when customers are looking for accessible holiday properties in a certain locale, your company could be popping up in results on their phone screens.

Once you expand, a results-driven digital agency can advise on optimising your website and making the most of social media — but grabbing a free Google listing is a great first step.

  • SD Worx

When the opportunity arises to expand your accessible holiday business, you might have to hire new staff in several different territories to grab it with both hands.

But going global can bring problems as well as benefits — one crucial responsibility is ensuring employees in different nations are paid promptly and the relevant tax regulations are adhered to in each jurisdiction.

Electronic payroll providers SD Worx provide an accessible outsourced service that automates staff salary payments in compliance with local rules and generates data-driven HR reports that allow management to analyse attendance.

If you want smooth HR functions without hiring in-house staff, it’s worth considering their offering.

So there are three partner firms to accelerate your accessible property enterprise — contact them today to pave the way to success.
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