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Raymond mill accessories on the plum blossom
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Look at the name we know that the plum blossom racks should be like the plum-like parts, a very good name naturally has a very important role. What is the role of Raymond mill plum blossom stand? According to the actual operation of the raymond mill, we can understand that the function of the plum blossom rack is realized in a balanced state. General Raymond mill manufacturers will be subject to user feedback such information is that the plum flower shelf damaged, that is the quality of the mill itself, but in fact, if not the impact of external forces, the flower is not easy to damage, Under normal circumstances, as long as the normal operation of Raymond mill, there is no thing fell into the phenomenon will not appear Meihua shelf deformation. Therefore, many customers in the deformation of the Meihua generally said nothing fall into it, saying that the quality of the problem, this argument is not self-defeating. Raymond Mill's plum blossom frame is made of cast iron, can withstand a lot of pressure, it is impossible in the absence of external deformation of the case.
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