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I am really pleased that Berneslai Homes who manage social housing in Barnsley and the surrounding area have signed up with Accessible Property Register to promote accessible and adapted property that is available for rent.  As Sheffield Homes have been advertising with us for around four years, this means that disabled people in South Yorkshire can find a real and up-to-date source of wheelchair accessible property to rent.  Now we just need a bit more input from the private sector!

What gets me is that, considering how straightforward it is for social housing providers to use our system to identify wheelchair accessible property, it seems amazingly difficult to get them to do it!  We are getting more adverts for accessible property in London, but most of this is shared ownership rather than rent.  For the rest of the UK if you are looking for accessible property to rent, in most areas you can forget it!  It's ridiculously difficult to find.

Our aim here at APR has always been to provide a single portal where anyone needing accessible property to buy or rent in any area can look at this one site and see what's available.  We are a long way from achieving that.  But if your local authority or large social housing provider isn't advertising on this website, or even worse isn't aware that we exist then why don't you whisper in their ear?!  Seeing the benefits in South Yorkshire it would be great if the same kind and level of service could be provided across the UK.
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