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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Award winning architects Knox Bhavan have a wealth of experience making beautiful buildings to a range of budgets. They work mostly in London but are often tempted further afield by an exciting project.

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Knox Bhavan carefully respond to the special circumstance of the brief and location which every project brings. The story is developed in close partnership with their clients and responds to careful consideration of the building, the site and the locale as well as any particular needs and requirements of the client.

The unifying thread that runs through all of their projects is the meticulous care that goes into the design at every stage from overall concept right through to the tiniest detail. Their approach therefore to designing a fully wheelchair accessible new house in Norfolk for a client, was first and foremost to create a beautiful building as well as a home designed to suit his specific needs and reflect his lifestyle. The resulting project has won many national awards including the prestigious RIBA Manser Medal for the best house built in 2006.

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The house was designed to give total mobility to the client: wide passages and doorways as well as a platform lift giving access to both floors. Unusually for an accessible house, the primary living space is on the first floor and offers spectacular views across the Norfolk Broads. Beautiful curved walls which both look good and ease mobility. Handrails and specialist furniture have been integrated and detailed into their respective background wherever possible - proving that design for wheelchair users can look good too.

'A poetic exercise in wood'  Kevin McCloud

Knox Bhavan's experience and interest in the fine detail of product and component design and manufacture gives them experience of working with experts in this field: precision engineers, cabinet makers, craftsmen and specialist suppliers. This collaboration has resulted in many beautiful jewelled pieces being integrated into their buildings giving them considerable added value.


Ash Rahman
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