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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Accessible bathrooms from More Ability

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More Ability offer a range of accessible bathroom solutions, including:

Bath lifts

Aids designed to help you into and out of the bath with minimal fuss. These products can be tailored to your needs, and often no installation is necessary. If you prefer baths to showers, bath lifts may be the solution for you.

Shower seats and rails

By fitting a seat to the wall of a shower cubicle, the user is able to spend longer in the shower, and do so comfortably. Different seats are available depending on your needs, so there will be something available to ensure you a comfortable and safer shower.

Toilets, basins, and taps

A range of toilets are available for those who may have difficulty using standard ones. Hand rails can be installed to make sitting down easier, or new toilets can be installed at different heights. Wheelchair accessible sinks are also available, as are taps that are easier to turn on and off than regular ones.

You can visit the More Ability website to learn more about their products, or to arrange a showroom visit.