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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

25mnb's blog When it comes to a major property project that requires numerous skilled works to be completed, many home-owners or project managers might opt for generalist builders who have a number of different skills. In many instances this works well and the final product is well-built and meets all the necessary standards.

However, when it comes to roofing, it might be worth spending the extra time and money to get a specialist in to complete that part of your project. That’s because their knowledge, ability - and in some cases additional qualifications or accreditations -  can help your project move more quickly, or at the very least, come in on deadline, even if unexpected problems occur.
“Specialist builders know their trade inside out and can come up with ideas or solutions that you or other members of your building team are unaware of,” said Robert Holmes, Wimbledon based estate agent. “These can help ensure your roof is guaranteed for longer or is of a material that is better suited to the part of the country you live in.”

It might come as a surprise, but industry rules and regulations change more often than you think, as do the product ranges. This means specialist roofers should have a superior knowledge of these changes and will do their best to ensure they are incorporated into your project.

As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ and this is as true of builders and roofers as it is for any industry. One way in which specialist roofers can help minimise the time spent on building and installing a new roof, is through the regulation process. Roofers who are CompetentRoofer accredited don’t need to make an appointment with the Local Authority Building Control for regulatory approval on roof refurbishments, as they are able to self-certify those works.

“While official data shows specialist roofers earn, on average, more than generalist builders, there are a number of ways in which they can prove they’re worth that bit extra,” said Knightsbridge estate agent, Plaza Estates. “This runs from knowledge to their ability to self-certify some projects which can be the difference between sticking to a tight time line and incurring costs due to delays.”
It’s not just regulations and protection that specialist roofers can offer expert advice on. If you’re set on a certain style or look, but are unsure of how you can achieve this, a specialist in the roofing field will have all the knowledge you need – and more! They will know of different ranges, colours and materials that will help you achieve what you want. And, if they don’t they’re sure to know a manufacturer or fellow specialist roofer who does.

These are the type of details, coupled with expertise on the official requirements, that make opting for a specialist roofer over a generalist builder worth it, when you’re taking on, or running a major building project.

“There’s no question that experts in their field have more knowledge than those who dabble in a number of different areas,” Central London estate agent Kubie Goldsaid. “While some generalist builders will have a lot of the knowledge you need, if you want something specific or are up against time constraints, then I would opt for a specialist roofer, every time.”