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25mnb's blog The plumbing system ranks among the most vital features of your home. For many people it's used more frequently than any other system in the home. When you take a shower, you are depending on your plumbing system. The same goes for when you wash dishes, use the lavatory, cook, or do the laundry.

Thus, it makes sense to take care of your plumbing system, as a major problem in the pipework can put a lot of the necessary daily activities in your home on standstill, until repairs are done.

Here is what regular maintenance of your home’s plumbing system can do for you:

- Keep the system functioning properly.

- It will cost you less to maintain than to repair.

- Prevent drain clogging.

- Prevent root intrusion, which can damage your pipes.

- Prevent leaks.

- Helps you avoid health hazards—slippery floor, water contamination—that come with drain malfunctions

Here are tips for maintaining your home’s plumbing system.


Acquaint yourself with your plumbing system

Get to know where the pipes are located. The knowledge will be immensely helpful when cleaning or conducting repairs and renovations in your house. While the work may not be related to plumbing, you can accidentally harm your pipes, especially when the work involves hammering or digging.

Also get to know how to efficiently use your plumbing system to avoid manhandling its features—for instance, squeezing the handle of your faucet too hard.

Inspect your home’s plumbing system regularly

Once every month, bring out ten minutes and move around your home, paying attention to the pipes, the sewers, the sink, the flush toilet, and the trees growing near your house.

When you do this regularly, it will be easier for you to detect any leaks, encroaching tree roots, broken pipes, and any other sort of damage or threat that is visible to the eye. Hence, you can do something about it before it develops into a worse problem that will suck more money out of your pocket.

"It is so important people regularly check their home plumbing systems because it will save them money in the long run. A problem can be detected easily and therefore it will be a smaller job, rather than a big one." - states plumbing and heating expert from WPJ Heating, Adesola Ajilogba.

Don’t throw these things down your drain

The only safe thing that should go down your drain is water. Hence, avoid the things on the list below:


If you are having hair loss, wash your hair outside. Plus, under normal circumstances, you ought to brush your hair before bathing, so that the loose hair doesn’t follow you into the bathroom.

Food particles.

Don’t dump leftovers in the sink. Rid your plates and utensils of food particulates before washing them in the sink.

Your medication and cosmetics.

If you want to dispose these things, find the dust bin. Don’t flush them down the toilet or drain.

Grease, fat, oil…

In fact, anything that looks like oil is bad for your plumbing system.

Here is a more extensive list of things you shouldn’t throw down the drain.

Clean your home’s plumbing system regularly and properly

You obviously can’t get to the pipes, but there are methods you can use to ensure they don’t get clogged or wear out easily. Try these:

- Use a plunger. It is effective in freeing up the flush toilet’s waste pipe.

- Place a mesh screen over your drain to prevent particles from entering the pipes.

- Install a drain grate.

- Clean your drains with non-corrosive bacteriological cleaners and stay away from chemical ones.

- Pouring hot salty water down the sink can help clear the grease in your home’s drain.

Schedule a routine maintenance service

Just as you have your work, plumbers have theirs, and they understand the ins and outs of the plumbing system. While regular maintenance on your part helps, scheduling a routine maintenance service with a professional plumber can go a long way in ensuring that your home’s plumbing system doesn’t ever malfunction. For more information on pluming maintenance visit Lewis plumbing's website.