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According to data from Age UK, loneliness and social isolation are real issues for many older people. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people over the age of 75 are lonely. Many also feel cut off from society as they find it hard to get out. Such is the scale of the problem that it can have serious effects on health.
Age UK says that more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live on their own. Meanwhile, over a million older people say they often go for over a month without speaking to a single soul; whether that is a family member, neighbour, or even the local shopkeeper.

Reasons for loneliness

Older people can become lonely for any number of reasons. Yet the main issues stem largely from the death of a spouse, or friend. Retirement can also be a cause of loneliness; the workplace being a great source of social interaction for many.
Getting weaker as a result of age can make older people less mobile, which in turn makes them less able to get out of the house. The same thing can happen as a result of illness or disability.

Further problems facing those who are lonely

Whatever the cause of loneliness, the research by Age UK shows it is all too easy to be left feeling lonely and vulnerable. As stated in an article in the Guardian, loneliness and social isolation can seriously affect the health of older people. It’s recently been linked to a 30% increase in the risk of stroke or heart disease.

End loneliness

The government have started a campaign to end loneliness. Meanwhile, housing associations and care organisations continue to play a role in building homes and communities designed to overcome loneliness and encourage social interaction as a means of boosting well-being.
This comes in many forms; from sheltered housing and small home care schemes, to large retirement villages replete with games rooms and fitness suites. While these schemes all have different names, the underlying aims are the same: to end loneliness and social isolation.
Here at Property Rescue, we offer older people a means to sell their home fast in order to fund their time in a care home, or to buy a part in a retirement community. If you or a loved one suffers from social isolation, or even faces problems tending the garden or getting out and about – this may be a good option.