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25mnb's blog Why estate agents say that viewers are often persuaded to put in an offer for a home if they fall in love with a property at first sight

Homeowners in London

The 94% of homeowners in London who say their properties will continue rising in value over the summer months and into the autumn could have unrealistic expectations, says London Bridge estate agent Williams Lynch.

Mortgage lender Halifax reports house prices fell 0.8% in April. It says the average price of a UK home dropped £1624 to £212,321, while the annual pace of property price inflation slipped from 10.1% to 9.2%.
This goes against the findings of a survey by a leading property portal, which reports that homeowners in the capital expect to see double-digit growth in property prices up to September.

Although a property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it, there are steps homeowners can take to increase its appeal to buyers and – in many cases – generate offers at or above the asking price.
Belgravia estate agent Best Gappsays viewers are often persuaded to put in an offer for a home if they fall in love with a property at first sight.

Kerb Appeal

This starts with improving its kerb appeal. When viewing homes for sale online, many househunters are put off if the property particulars do not feature a photograph of the outside of the flat or house.
To make your house for sale appeal to online property hunters, take time to tidy up the outside areas before the sales brochure photo shoot.

This includes mowing any lawn area, trimming back overgrown plants, repairing any imperfect brick or stonework, repainting any tired-looking exterior woodwork and moving any vehicles away from a drive or parking spot.
If the property has a separate front door, it is also worthwhile giving it a good clean and perhaps repainting the wood or applying a new coat of varnish.

Selling a Home Contained in a Block of Flats

On the other hand, if you are selling a home contained in a block of flats take care to ensure the communal areas are clean and tidy.

And ensure free newspapers and junk mail are kept out of sight when viewings take place. It is also worth going round the exterior grounds and picking up any litter that has been discarded.

Property viewers can best picture themselves living in your home when it is presented as a blank canvas.

Letting agent Assetgrove says all interior walls, ceilings and woodwork should be presented in neutral tones, such as white or cream, all floorcoverings should be in good condition with no obvious signs of wear or tear and any furniture in place should not make the room look cramped.

Opinion is divided as to whether personal possessions should be on show. If you are selling a three-bedroom home, it is worth keeping the children’s slide in the garden to demonstrate the property’s suitability for a growing family.
And if your property is a one-bedroom flat suitable for a young professions, keeping the latest high-tech equipment on show could convince a viewer the property matches their aspirations.

Whatever type of home you are selling, take extra care to keep it clean and smelling fresh before viewings.
Take the dishes out of the sink, put clothes in the wardrobe and keep other clutter out of sight.