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25mnb's blog Simple tricks to make viewers fall in love with your property for sale before they set foot through the front door
Official figures shows the rate of housebuilding has dipped below the level needed for the government to deliver on its commitment to provide 1 million new homes in the next five years, according to skip hire broker Proskips.

Data released by the Department of Communities and Local Government reveals there were 35,530 housebuilding starts in England in the first three months of 2016, down 3% when compared with the final quarter of 2015.

The DCLG also says completions in the first quarter of 2016 were 9% lower than the previous three months and 3% below the level reported a year ago.

While the rate of housebuilding may fail to fully address the UK’s housing crisis, estate agents say it will help maintain the rising value of homes.

Central London estate agent LDGadds that homeowners can take steps to maximise the value of their homes by taking a few simple steps before placing it on the market.

Making the exterior stand out from neighbouring homes gives buyers or tenants a positive image of the property’s interior before they pass through the front door.

This can be achieved by:

          ·Cleaning the driveway or path and making sure they are free from weeds or overgrown plants.
          ·Carrying out repairs to your brickwork, including replacing any missing pointing.
          ·Polishing or putting up a new door number of house nameplate
          ·Cutting the front lawn, tidying up any foliage and planting hanging baskets or tubs of flowers by the front door. Repeat this process if you have outside space at the rear or side of your property.
          ·Cleaning the windows and any paintwork
          ·Ensuring the gutters and downpipes are in good working order.

Heart of the home

 Even if your kitchen isn’t the biggest or its look is a little dated, focus on making the most of what you have by looking up at the ceiling and working your way right down to the floor.

Take action to repaint the ceiling, replace any missing lightbulbs, regrout any imperfect tiling and, most important of all, give every last inch of your kitchen a thorough clean.

Before viewings are held make sure you keep all the surfaces free from clutter.
The bathroom is the other area of a property that can make or break a viewing. Clean, shiny and bright bathrooms are a real selling point, says letting agent Denhan Guaranteed Rent.

If your bathroom has a coloured suite, it would be a wise idea to spend a little money bringing it into the 21st century.

Every seller should also ensure that…

          ·Shampoos, soap and other cleaning products are out of sight;
          ·A bowl of fresh flowers replaces the collection of toothpaste and toothbrushes next to the sink; and
          ·The floor and wall tiles are so clean you could eat your dinner off them.

The key to attracting an offer for your property is enabling viewers to imagine themselves living happily in it.

Buyers want to see space, not your possessions. Decluttering helps viewers visualise where they can put their things and will also save you a job when you move.