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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

25mnb's blog With an ageing demographic that is continually increasing, the UK is facing some challenges in the coming years. Whilst it is fantastic news that so many of us are living for longer, it also means that the number of people with long-term health conditions is increasing as well. Whilst most have a good quality of life and manage extremely well, there are some basic considerations that can have highly negative impacts too. Other members of the community who are younger can also suffer from chronic debilitating conditions that mean that they need help in their life on a day-to-day basis, and this all adds up to a situation where pressures are mounting on care sector services.

The UK care sector

The UK care sector is acknowledged as being one of the best in the world, and the way that society provides housing for the elderly, the mentally ill and others with particular needs is a benchmark for how it is judged on a wider scale. Care homes around the UK are run by both the NHS and the private sector, and demand for their services is growing all the time. Making sure that the buildings themselves are suited to their clients' needs is obviously a priority, but this is complicated by the range of conditions and issues that need to be factored in. Having a suitable level of “disability friendliness” means making sure that there is adequate wheelchair access, for example, but it also needs to include considerations for those who may be blind or partially sighted and others who may suffer from a range of mobility issues or physical challenges.
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 The ageing demographic is bringing another issue to the fore that is quite separate from physical disabilities and conditions, even those simply associated with “old age.” Dementia is a very real problem that has been impacting more people and their families than ever before, and it is a distressing condition that needs experienced management and support. Companies such as MBi Social Care are working within the sector to provide all the help both dementia sufferers and their families need. MBi Social Care is a leading company because of its forward-thinking approach, and is constantly evolving new solutions based on the needs of those that they care for. This means that you can be sure that new ways of dealing with the challenges of dementia are constantly being brought to the fore.

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Moving forward

Whilst the thrust of healthcare in general is being aimed at helping older people stay in their own home for as long as possible, both to give them a good quality of life and to take the pressure away from hard-pressed NHS resources, the need for targeted help for those affected by dementia is a growing concern. The fact that private companies can offer specialist solutions should be welcomed by anyone who is concerned about what the future holds for their own family and for society in general.