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25mnb's blog Whether your property needs a pre-Christmas spruce up or you’re looking to get it fresh and clean for a sale, you don’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals. Today more householders than ever before are ditching toxic, environmentally damaging cleaning products in favour of more gentle alternatives. If you’d like to join the green cleaning brigade, here are a few great places to start.


Brixton estate agent Eden Harper “There are few nicer scents than fresh if you want to make your home smell fresh and appealing. “ Lemon been used in cleaning products for centuries due to its ability to cut through grease and clean, citrusy smell. You can either use pure, undiluted lemon oil on a cloth to wipe down surfaces and break down fatty deposits, or you can dilute it in hot water to wash floors and leave them sparkling fresh. Lemon juice works well too, make sure you rinse everything down with water or you’ll be left with a sticky mess.  Another great benefit of citrus (orange and grapefruit also work well and smell lovely) is that spiders don’t like it- so if you’re arachnophobic, using this method will also keep unwanted eight legged visitors at bay.

Baking powder

Naturally abrasive, baking powder has almost magical powers when it comes to cleaning the home. Mixed into a paste with water it can beat any chemical stain remover at a fraction of the price, and it also works a treat on greasy ovens. Baking powder also makes a fantastic alternative to toothpaste- add a dash of peppermint oil and you’ll be left with sparkly white teeth and fresh breath without using any toxic chemicals.


If you drink red wine, salt is your friend. Keep a pot to hand in case of any spillages and you’ll be amazed by how it soaks up stains. It’s also a great alternative to scourers if you need to scrub pots and pans, and won’t damage your skin.


Vinegar and brown paper- a popular cleaning method your granny probably used. Many high street glass and window cleaning products contain a dash of vinegar so why not have a go at making your own for pennies?Best Gappsays “ All you need is some hot water and a cup full of vinegar to keep your windows clean and smear free.”


Pine is one of the most common scents used in toilet cleaners and bleach, but not many of us realise we can recreate our own at home. Pine essential oil makes a great alternative to chemical based cleaners and smells lovely in your loo- just add a dash after every flush or dilute it in hot water to create a floor cleaner that not only works wonders but will also leave your home smelling like an alpine lodge.
Andrew Reeves, Pimlico estate agent says “It’s always important to keep your home clean and fresh, but even more so when you’re looking to sell up. Some potential buyers are put off by harsh, bleachy smells, so if you’d like a gentler option there’s plenty of natural options available.”