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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

25mnb's blog On the surface, it seems easy to find a vehicle and chuck in all your belongings into–venturing off to your new destination. In reality, however, it is usually far from straightforward. It is even more so when you are moving alone. You don’t have anyone to help with boxes or ensure things are properly arranged but you want a hitch-free move process. What should you do? Here are some tips.

Put your new home in order first

You don’t want to move into a home when there are lots of things to be done to make it comfortable. This goes beyond the initial cleaning process. Is the home furnished adequately? Have you changed the locks to ensure you are safe when you move in? Are all appliances functioning properly and ready for your arrival? These are important questions that need addressing. Only when you are satisfied with the state of your new home should you continue with the moving process.

So how can you proceed with the move?


Even if you have a super minimalist approach to living, you will still have a few things that you no longer need. Instead of going through the stress of moving them over to the new home and discarding them later, give them all away first. From old clothes to old books, you will always find willing takers.

Start early

It is not realistic to convince yourself that you can pack and move on the same day. This is recipe for disaster. You need to start packing as early as 3 weeks before your projected move date.   Start with rooms you don’t need and work your way down.

Organise and label properly

The key to a successful move is to organise and label properly. You need to label your boxes appropriately. Take note, labels should show where the boxes will go in the new house.  The labels should also contain what is in the box.

Use quality materials

When moving on your own, there is always the risk of packing with supermarket boxes. This is dangerous as the boxes are not strong enough. You should consider using just clean butcher’s paper to pack your things.  If you use newspapers, you will have prints over everything.

Put together a box of essentials

An essentials box ensures you will have all the items you’ll need for the first night. You don’t have to ransack several boxes to find medications or your night wear.
Sounds like a bit too much? Simply enlist the help of a professional removals company to simplify the process for you.