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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

25mnb's blog We all have varying tastes when it comes to finding our ideal home. While you may fancy a luxury house in the heart of the city, someone else may prefer a quaint eco-home residing in the suburbs. So finding the right home, whether to buy or rent, is often all about personal preferences. Take away that, and what remains will be the general tips every home seeker ought to consider

Here are seven tips to get you started. Add them to your preferences and you may yet find a home that will remain comfortable and satisfying long after you have bought or rented it.

Use a letting agent

Letting agents have been in the property business for years. It’s their job, and they understand the ins and outs of finding the right homes for their clients. They know the pitfalls to avoid and they will pay attention to your preferences.

A reputable letting agent will find you the right home for the right price.

Avoid disaster-prone locations

A home is meant to guarantee your comfort. That means going to bed without the fear of waking up to your bed floating over water. Avoid homes residing in areas liable to such natural disasters as earthquakes, floods, or tsunamis.

Is it affordable?

Affordability in this case implies a rent or property price within the confines of your financial capability. A home that is expensive for someone that earns five figures per year might seem cheap to someone that receives six figures. The key is finding one that integrates affordability with your preferences.

Compare homes

Don’t settle for the first property you happen upon. This is why it’s important to start looking for a new home as soon as the sign that you need to leave your present one manifests itself. This way you have a lot of time to weigh your options. Using an agent to facilitate the home scouting process and create more options in a short time can work here, especially if you are desperate.

Check the features

Is the toilet functional and of standard? Are the rooms big enough for your furniture? Check the closets and cupboards for space and damages. Also lift up the rug or carpet—chances are that it’s there to conceal a flaw. Check the locks, drainage system, and wiring. The last thing you want is a home that will give you headaches after you have paid for it.

What’s the crime rate

If a neighbourhood is prone to crime—shootings, robbery, drug hawking—it is best you avoid settling down there. Apart from your safety and that of your family, you have to also consider the influence these illegal activities will have on your children, if you have some.

Consider the surrounding facilities

Is there a hospital within a mile or two away? How about transportation? Is there a bus stop around? How convenient will going to work from there be? Is there a handy shop around? A police station? Restaurants? A bank? These will all work together to assure your convenience, especially during emergencies.

So always consider surrounding facilities when choosing a home.