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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

25mnb's blog  Is your home well presented, quirky and/or in a great location? If so, you could be sitting on a goldmine. Until a few years ago, if people wanted to make a bit of extra cash from their properties they were restricted to garage sales, jewellery parties or advertising for a lodger in the local post office. The power of the internet has now made it possible to earn without ever leaving the house- whether that means selling your family heirlooms on eBay or advertising on Airbnb, there is some serious cash to be made.

Proskipspoints out, “Schemes like Airbnb are great for anyone who finds themselves in the position of having a spare room or two- a common phenomenon when older children flee the nest.” Whilst another sensible option would be to downsize, if you like meeting new people letting a room is a great way to beat the boredom of empty nest syndrome and make a considerable sum of money at the same time. The idea is simple- hosts photograph their homes and place an ad on the website, then people from all over the world come and rent and room for an agreed period. There are currently over 80,000 homes advertised on the site in the UK alone and over two million worldwide. You can either stay in the house with the lodger or use it as an opportunity to travel the world yourself, renting rooms in one of the 190 countries listed on the site. Youchoose Windowssays this can be a very lucrative option-“Serviced apartments can bring in around £150 a night, with a single room at about £80- do that even one week a month and you’ve got an extra income of at least £6,720 a year”.

Obviously, not just any old house will attract interest- it helps to have a well-appointed home in a great location near to tourist attractions or business centres. Quality photos and a good write up also help to show your property in its best possible light.

If opening your home up to lodgers doesn’t sound appealing, how about hiring it out as a film and TV location? Not only does this provide an opportunity to rub shoulders with the stars and see your home on the big screen, there is some major money to be made. Homes in quaint village locations like Aldbury in Hertfordshire are often used in TV shows such as Midsomer Murders, where grand stately homes are a real money spinner. With a potential income of up to £2,500 a day, it’s easy to see why those in the know are keen to free up their home for a film shoot. To register your home as a film or tv location go to

When it comes to advertising your home online, Lawsons and Daughterssays there are a few golden rules to remember. Follow the same principles as you would if you wanted to sell- keep the house as tidy and uncluttered as possible, allow for plenty of natural light and remember neutral colours tend to work best. In some cases though, the complete opposite can apply- quirky, vintage homes can also have great appeal, particularly for period programmes. It’s a good idea to have an alternative place to stay during the shoot, or at least somewhere upstairs that you and the rest of the family can retreat to, but if you can put up with a bit of disruption it’s a really exciting way to make money.