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Do you find that no matter how hard you try to stay organised, your house quickly descends into utter chaos far too often? As a result, you spend more than half your time searching through the mess to try and find the things you need before you can actually do anything.

If this is the case, before you start creating storage you might want to have a major sort out. That way you won’t be storing anything that you don’t really need. Throw out the rubbish, give your old items to charity and sell what you can. You could even gather the belongings that you don’t need right now, but are taking up a lot of much needed space and put them into storage such as Heathrow RSS.

Then try these five expert home storage hacks which will ensure that your home remains tidy and organised:

1. Magnetic strips
Magnetic strips are the perfect way to store items in the - sometimes wasted - wall space.

These can be used in the kitchen on the wall for utensils such as knives or under a shelf to attach clear jars, which can hold herbs and spices, perhaps. This could be placed in the kids' playroom or bedroom for toys such as cars or to attach pots that could hold stationary. It could also go in the bathroom where it could be used for hairpins, nail clippers, tweezers, etc.

Don’t just stick a long magnet to the wall, this can be as creative as you wishand designed to fit in with the room. If you are going for a rustic feel in the kitchen, for example, then take some reclaimed wood and drill holes in the back for the magnets.

2. Hooks and rods
Hooks and rods are the perfect way to organise your cupboard space. Do you normally just pile up as much as you can and then push the doors shut, meaning that the next time they are open it all tumbles out on to the floor? Then simply fitting a few rods and hooks will provide you with the space to hang items up making effective use of all the space.

Hooks are perfect for organisation in other places as well. How about placing one on the back of your wardrobe door, where you can hang up your outfit for the next day? Or under the stairs, in the garage, loft or shed – for hanging tools and so on.

3. Utilise wasted space
You can find storage in the most unlikely of places! Look around your home. How much dead space is there? Probably quite a lot, because what would you put there? Well, how about a shelf in that space above the bathroom doors for storing clean towels, or on the wall above the bath for keeping toiletries, for example? Likewise, consider shelves or drawers in that awkward space under the stairs - perfect for storing shoes!

4. Clear storage containers
Clear storage is perfect because you can easily see what is inside each container so you don’t have to pull everything out of each one to find what you are looking for. This could be jars in the kitchen and bathroom or boxes in the bedroom and office.

5. Vacuum pack bags
Spare bedding and pillows, spare towels, your winter wardrobe during summer – all take up a huge amount of space! But with vacuum pack bags you can condense these down so they take up less space and can be stored away neatly.