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25mnb's blog Avid gardeners aren’t so hard to buy for – after all, they’ve got a clear passion and a hobby that requires materials and equipment. However, trying to find a good present, and a unique one of that, is more challenging. Rather than presenting your loved one with another bendy trowel or a mod-con that mysteriously works its way into the compost heap, why not consider bestowing one of these gifts upon them instead?

1. A magazine subscription

Gardening magazines are brilliant: packed with tips, insider secrets and tons of ideas, an avid gardener would be missing a trick if they weren’t keeping an eye on what’s going on in other people’s back yards. Magazine subscription gifts are therefore one of the best, unique and useful things you can buy.

2. A bee house

bee house

Any eco-friendly gardener is going to have a strong awareness for environmental issues and challenges to our ecosystem. A bee hotel, or bee log house will help them do their bit for the planet by supporting their local bee population. The added bonus of a bee house is that avid gardeners are likely to do something with all that golden honey being produced… which means you could be in the running for a free jar of the homemade stuff for your morning toast! Want to make it really unique? Try building them their own bee house!

3. Small but significant items…
Unique items don’t have to be big, or expensive. Instead, take a look around their garden and see what they haven’t already got, or what they could replace. These handy leaf pickerswill make gardening more efficient, and the RHS Pocket Diary is a small but significant improvement to their gardening arsenal as it includes key dates for enthusiasts!

4. Technology to help in the garden

You might think that the average gardener has little interest in spending the day behind a computer screen, and you’d probably be right. But have you thought about giving them a voucher for a gardening app? Apps like Weed ID and Bug ID identify the offenders invading their green space with tips on how to get rid of them, and apps like mySoil enable gardeners to find out what the earth is like in their area and how to make the most of it.

5. A one-day course
They might think they already know it all, but why not enrol them on a day course to see if there are any tricks then can pick up? The Cotswold Gardening School offers a range of gardening, floristry and horticultural classes, so they’re bound to learn something useful.

And, here’s one extra bonus idea…how about an ancient fruit set? For around £50, you can give a gardener a medlar or a quince tree. These historical fruit trees have almost been forgotten about, so they’d make a great unique gift… especially for those who already have common fruit trees in their gardens. They make some delicious jams and beautiful blossoms too!