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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Renovating your home can be incredibly stressful primarily because your house is turned upside down and it will feel like you are living on a building site for weeks, if not months. However, it will all be worth it in the end, of course, when you have the home of the dreams. A space you can show off and be proud of because you played a part in creating it.

You will be sitting in your brand new kitchen enjoying a takeaway and a glass of wine and the mess and destruction that was caused in order to get there will be but a distant memory.

Right now, however, that moment may seem like a long way away. So, here are a few tricks and tips to make the process much easier and you could also find, more enjoyable!

Tip: Set a realistic timeline
Of course, you want it to be completed as quickly as possible – so you can go back to your everyday lives - but you need to set yourself realistic timescales. You need to make sure you have done your research and spoken to anyone who will be part of the project – including builders and handymen if you are hiring them. Always allow a little extra time, because unexpected issues can cause different areas of the project to take a lot longer than planned.

Trick: Set a budget and stick to it
First you need to come up with a realistic budget- then add at least 10% to it for any unexpected expenses. Money can be the biggest cause of stress during a renovation and you don’t want to spend the whole process worrying about whether you can actually afford to be doing it. Create a spreadsheet where you can track your spending so if needs be you know how much you have left to play with – it is better to have a lot more than you need than a lot less. If you have money left over at the end – bonus! You can always spend it on a few little extras to decorate your new home.

Tip: Move your belongings into storage
Do you know what will make the process longer, more stressful and a lot more difficult? Trying to do the renovation while squeezing in behind the sofa or leaning over the kitchen table and all the other items that fill your home. What you really need to do is remove everything you can from your home. But, where do you put it all? Well, you could take advantage of storage outside of your home. You can store everything you need here – with peace of mind that it will be safe and won’t get damaged.

Trick: Make a list
Having a list of tasks that need doing is the simplest way to feel in control of the situation. So, before you start, write down everything that needs to be done – perhaps in a rough order it needs doing – including who is doing what if the jobs are being split up. This will also help you keep track of your budget and when creating a timeline.