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nickmarr The living room is where you will spend most of your time with your family. It is no surprise that it gets the most attention. However, when making your living room comfortable, you need to look beyond simply choosing comfortable seating and choosing the right-sized flat-screen TV.  Proper lighting doesn’t just improve overall comfort in the living room. It creates a sophisticated feel. Here are tips that can help you achieve this.

Consider how the room is used

“Is the rom mostly used for entertainment or late afternoon or evening relaxations mostly? General lighting is often good enough” says JNB the Rako lighting specialists. “In such a living room, a centre light should be used to provide the main general lighting while smaller lights and sconces should be deployed in those corners where the chandeliers can’t miss”

Use accent lighting for style enhancements

When lighting your living room, don’t forget to use accent lighting. Sconces are a  great addition when it comes to showing off a painting, a focal point, a special accessory or just simply directing attention to a specified spot.

Define zones with task lighting

For some people, living rooms are much more than the lounging rooms. If your living is somewhat similar and gets a lot of use, consider deploying task lights to brighten up work areas. Task lighting includes built-in can lights which direct a flow of bright light to the area you typically use for reading and writing, paying bills, replying letters, etc. You can also achieve the same results with desk and side table lamps.

Don’t ignore dimmers

Dimmer switches are vital if you go for central lighting as mentioned earlier. This is the one way you can quickly achieve any mood you want. You can turn up the lights to maximum when you need some cheerful illumination and during night time, you can turn down lights without switching them off entirely.

Improve ambience with lighting

When done correctly, lighting is one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of a design scheme. A single large turquoise chandelier definitely makes a statement. Replicating colours on carpeting, throw pillows and rugcan equally create a sophisticated décor.

Don’t ignore size

Your light fixtures will appear out of place if they are not proportional to the room. The size of your chandelier in inches should be equal to the sum total of your living dimensions calculated in feet. A quick tip however is to use tall table lamps and long pendants for a living room with very high ceilings.