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After Toronto, Montreal is the second biggest city in Canada with a population of over four million. An important cultural and arts center, this lovely place is punctuated with restaurants, cafes, parks and warm people who are sure to keep vibrant vibes coming.

In case you’re moving into one of the luxury residences in Montreal, here’s around-up of five awesome reasons why this decision is one of the best you’ll ever make in your entire life!

World-Class Culture

Montreal sets itself apart from other Canadian cities because of its sole official language – the oh-so-romantic French! Next to Paris, this city is also considered as the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

With its picturesque scenery, it has also lured people and artists from different nations. It is further packed with art galleries and musical festivities that would make any cultured heart’s full.

Montreal’s artsy community makes the city refreshingly multicultural, and a perfect place if you’re looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals.

Great Parks and Green Spaces

Is balancing out the urban with some green spacesone of your top priorities? You’ve made a wise choice if you’re moving to Montreal.  This city is laced with 2,000 hectares of public parks where you can take your loved ones to whenever the weather is nice (especially during summer).

If you’re being a beer-drinker, too, would not be much of a burden because “Picnic Law” exists in this place! This means that you are allowed to drink in public parks given that you have to bring with you some form of meal or any other finger foods.

In Montreal, you are always free to relieve that stress by just chilling out in the park, gorging on sumptuous snacks and simply delighting your eyes with the greenery the place offers.

Walk- and Bicycle-Friendly

Montreal is relatively smaller than other Canadian cities, but it can be at par with them in terms of its modern and cosmopolitan feels. One perk of this is that you can enjoy that “metropolis life” without being overwhelmed by the city’s gigantic area. And by having this situation, you can memorize the city’s major communities with just your own legs.

But if you need another choice other than walking, you can also choose to ride the bicycle. The city is safe for bikers as bike lanes can be found in many Montreal streets. Apart from the excellent bike-lane network, the city also takes pride in great bicycle culture, so rest assured you can have a safe and fun-filled bike ride whenever you want to shed off some weight or just tour around the area’s attractive sceneries.

Winter Festivals

This Canadian metropolis is known for its long snowy winters. But you don’t need to take this negatively because Montreal residents know just how to make winter really fun.

Whenever this season comes, Canadians and foreigners in Montreal look forward to magnificent winter-themed festivals. Among its annually held occasions include Igloofest, Fete des Neiges, and Nuit Blanche.

Aside from this, you can also opt to skate and make the most out of the wintry weather. You can easily find skating centers in Montreal.

Laid-back, Beautiful People

On top of all these, Montreal is known for the warmth of its people. They are amiable and kind-hearted, and they are the very reason why the place feels like home even to first-time visitors. Surround yourself with this kind of populace and be accustomed to a laid-back life!

Just in case you’re doubting if you’ve made the right decision to finally moving to Montreal, you don’t have to think twice. Go over this list again and again, and be reminded of how wonderful and beautiful this Canadian city can be.