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There are so many ways to liven up your interior space. For many DIYers, this is a negative as it means having to wade through so many interior decoration options. This piece cuts right to the chase and provide you with definitive steps you can take this 2016 to transform your living space.

Use wider mirrors and clip frames for stronger impact
 Do you have blank walls around your home? You can transform the space by placing big mirrors and some great clip frames from Best4Frames with your favourite photos or posters embedded into it.  Clip frames give an artistic look and feel to your wall and mirrors act like a window to the room.  The reflection often gives the perception of another space beyond.

Use more flush-mounted lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are often the lighting of choice for many people but most of the time, they feel impersonal. Flush mounted lighting and in some cases, wall-mounted sconces can instantly give a timeless touch to your modern interiors.

Create a grid with your hanged collections
Virtually anything can look more interesting when hung in a grid.  From kitchenware to travel souvenir, there is no limit to what you can hang up in a grid.  For kitchenware, it is an interesting method of storing your items without spending money on a cabinet.

Add longer cushions

Maxing out your cushion space is a great way to add depth to your living room space. The long cushion takes attention away from any empty spaces around the room but the functionality is also a perfect reason to embrace it.

Add layering to your room by dressing up your bookcase
Lining up the back of your bookcases with fabric or wall covering is a quality way to add depth, layering and richness to a room – some great bookcase dressing ideas here. This detail is interesting because it adds a unifying touch to your design by bringing together an ordinarily disparate collection of books and objects.  To make the book case and your book collection even more precious, consider using velvet or grasscloth.

These are simple but interesting ways to quickly transform your living space this 2016.