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Moving into a new home is very exciting, but it can be easy to overlook the safety and security of the property itself. According to Security News Desk,nearly three quarters of Brits know somebody who has been burgled, a third of people have left windows open and 28 per cent have forgotten to lock the back door. With stats like these, it is absolutely essential that security is high on the agenda to avoid burglaries.
The best place to start is with a home security checklist which will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your home and highlight any urgent improvements. While there isn’t anything that will make your home completely ‘burglar-proof’, you can take some vital steps with Security Directto increase security and limit any criminal opportunity.
Here is a checklist which will help assess just how secure your home is:
·      Do all entry doors have a well fitted lock? Many people also like to change the locks when they buy a new home, as they don’t know who else could have access.
·      Is there a burglar alarm in place? If so, check that it is in good working order and when it was last serviced. If there isn’t one in place, have one fitted. According to Home Security Month,statistics have shown that 60 per cent of attempted burglaries carried out on properties fitted with alarms are unsuccessful, making them an excellent form of protection and a great deterrent.
·      Are all the windows fitted with good locks? Those on the ground floor are particularly important, however you should also make sure those upstairs have good locks too.
·      Is there a letterbox cage or restrictor at the front door? It may be worth installing one to stop thieves putting their hands in to open the latch inside. You may also want to consider having a viewer at the door to help identify visitors first.
·      Is there a CCTV system in place? These are worth investing in for extra security and will also allow you to keep an eye on your home while you are away on holiday.
·      Where do you plan on keeping your valuables? Hidden in a draw or under a bed isn’t safe. A fitted home safe which is securely fixed to the wall or floor is strongly advised to store jewellery, cash or any other treasured possessions.
·      If there is a garage, does it shut and lock properly? If you have a shed or any outbuildings, how secure are they? Ensure they are fitted with padlocks.
·      What is the outdoor security like? Ensure every door has an outside light to illuminate any intruders, and try to keep any bushes well-trimmed so there are no shady places to hide. Ensure the garden gate has a strong lock and try to keep it locked at all times if you don’t use it as an entry route.
·      If you have a shed or any outbuildings, how secure are they? Ensure they are fitted with padlocks and try not to keep too many valuables in them.