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It’s now all about first impressions with everything. The first thing most people focus on when coming to your home is your front door. Can it can reveal more about you than you realise?

TV Presenter and Architect George Clarke, best known for his inspirational work on the Channel 4 programmes The Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces, believes your front door is a real statement about you. George states ‘’Whether you live in a Victorian terrace, a 1930’s semi-detached, a cottage or a truly modern development, your front door is the most immediately visible feature of your home and is the thing which says most about you’’. So what can your front door reveal about you?

Your Choice of Colour

Whether or not we realise it, the colours we choose to surround ourselves with – in clothes, cars and in our homes say a lot about us. With so many choices of colour George explains ‘’It means that home-owners can have exactly the door style they want, to suit both the type of property they live in, and equally importantly to give their home an appearance that is highly personalised to them - a complete reflection of their tastes’’.Your front door may be the way into your home, but it also offers an insight into your personality.
Red– This suggests you love to entertain and be centre of attention. You are a great host, very hospitable and passionate. It signifies strength and positivity, you may also have polished and slightly nostalgic décor.
White– Are you a neat freak? A crisp, clean white front door may imply you like things orderly and organised. You may like a clutter free home, no dirt or grime lingering, just a state of calm and complete serenity.
Blue– Potentially the opposite of the white front door. This colour suggests that you are laid-back, relaxed and a calm person. You are family orientated and caring therefore many photos of your memories dotted around your home. You may also enjoy bringing the outdoors in.
Yellow– This colour will certainly get your front door and your home noticed. Yellow is a bright, happy colour that screams welcome. It tells the world you are an optimist, outgoing and vibrant. Creativity and quirkiness flows through your home and you are probably a keen gardener.
Orange– This colour is surprisingly popular for a front door. It reflects you are warm, inviting and not afraid of making a bold statement. It suggests you may spend many hours in the kitchen, creating exiting dishes, often enjoy entertaining and sharing a meal with others.
Black– An easy, clean, strong colour and very common. It can signifies authority, sophistication and wealth. Everything is in order and control but you like to accessorise well in your home. You are possibly a cultured individual with good grip on life with vast experiences.

Your Sense of Style

Are you quite traditional or modern? Your choice of material and style can also tell a story.
Aluminium Doors– This offers a modern take on style. They are particularly tough, offering good security and a clean finish. This suggests you like to be unique and prefer a premium style to your home.
Composite Doors– They are strong, secure and very versatile giving you the option of either a traditional look or modern contemporary style. George also says “I believe that Composite Doors are one of the best products on the market today when it comes to quickly and dramatically changing the appearance and the feel of the home, and to making a really personal statement”. You are able to match your taste and style.

Wooden Doors- A timeless classic and very traditional. Everyone is given a warm welcome to this home as you are very generous and down to Earth. You like things natural to give your home a warm touch.
Your front door contributes to that first impression. ‘’Meaningful choice is really important, especially in today’s world where people have a real sense of who they are and what kind of statement they want to make about themselves – being able to choose a great front door enables this to happen and is a great starting point for any changes people want to make to their home’’ as stated by George Clarke. So if you’re still living with the door your home came with, it may be time for an update!