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Wasps – they are the most unwelcomed guests you can have outside your home. They sting, they swarm, and for some reason, you have a bunch of them outside your house wanting to come in. What is attracting wasps to your house? Is it your wasp-y lifestyle? Are they there for cocktail parties and hot gossip? No, probably not. Actually, definitely not. All joking aside, if you have an abundant amount of wasps around your house there might be a very preventable reason that could help you get rid of them.

What Attracts Wasps?
While wasps come in a variety of different species, all species can be placed in two classifications – solitary or social. Solitary wasps, like their name suggests, live in smaller communities, if not by themselves. These solitary wasps, like mud daubers or cicada killers, build small homes on the eaves of your building or in the dirt. Social wasps, however, live in larger communities that like secluded places that are safe to build a community. This can be in trees, underneath outdoor crawl spaces, or in the hollows of your foundation. This way they can better build larger communities that are safer from those that would threaten them.

However, while the potential for a habitat will make wasps stay, what really attracts them is food. Wasps prey on a number of other nuisance insects including Japanese beetles, caterpillars, aphids, flies, and cicadas. They also forage open garbage containers and compost piles for fruits and meat, which also attracts their other prey. While they don’t product honey from nectar like bees, wasps are also attracted to fragrant flowers because they, like your compost pile, attract other insects. However, some species of wasps also eat nectar as well.

Naturally, if you have an abundance of potential food for them in your yard, then wasps will see your house as a good place live. It doesn’t matter if you secure the hollows and fill in all those nooks and crannies, if you have food for them, they will find a place nearby to live.

Wasp Management
Why should you call Omaha exterminators? Wasps are annoying, and for those allergic to their venom, potentially dangerous. However, they do serve a purpose. While less efficient than bees, they help to pollinate your plants and as a carnivorous insect, they prey on the other insects that seek to do your plants harm. However, for all their saving graces, having a hundred wasps buzzing around when you are trying to enjoy some time in your backyard is terrifying.

If you are looking to rid your home of wasps on your own, insect sprays and removing their homes can be effective. The unfortunate downside is that they take a bit to actually work, meaning that you could have a lot of very angry wasps swarming very quickly. A more effective method is to try to cut down on the abundance of their other food in your yard. Some of their prey, like caterpillars, might be better left alone. However, removing nuisance insects like flies, Japanese beetles, or cicadas has double the benefit. Unfortunately, unless you have a specific invasion, removing the wide array of wasp fodder can be a very complicated process.

If you have a particularly insect-laden yard, your best option is to call in a professional. No matter whether you need a lot of wasps out of your yard in a hurry or want to prevent them from coming in the first place, a quality exterminator Omaha ne  can make your wasp-free dreams come true. If you live in the Omaha or eastern Nebraska area and need a wasp removal ASAP, contact us today. If you aren’t sure why so many wasps or other creepy-crawlies are invading your yard, we also offer free inspections to makes sure your days stay bug-free.