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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

This property advert is currently inactive, because it has expired, or it has not yet been paid for.

Property ID: #91117    (Agency ID: 1438342)

Ashpool Close, Sheffield, S13 7EE

Semi-detached bungalow, 2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
1 living room(s), No garage

For rent (per week): £79.75

Access Features and Adaptations

  • Level or ramped access

Property images

Main photograph

2 bed bungalow. Level access to front door. Level access to front door. Bath. Gas central heating. Double glazing. Garden area. Pets allowed. Keys due on 22.11.12.
People with mobility priority will be considered first. Other applicants can bid, but must be aged 40 or over.

Contact details

Name Sheffield City Council
PO Box 483 M33 0DH
Phone number 0114 2930000 (Sheffield North) 0114 2053333 (Sheffield South)
Contact Contact form (or e-mail