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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Property ID: #93742    (Agency ID: Cambium)

Cambium, Southfields, London, SW19

Flat/apartment, Development, Studio - 1 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
1 living room(s), Off-street parking space

For sale: From £455,000

Accessible Property Plus

Access Features and Adaptations

This development has been designed to be accessible to all. Barriers in the environment have been minimised and most properties will include the following access features

  • Step-free approach
  • Parking (off-street or unrestricted on-street)
  • Level or ramped access
  • Entrance level WC
  • Level access to main entrance-level rooms
  • Wide doorways, external 800mm, internal 750mm
  • Level/ramped access to garden/grounds
  • Entrance-level shower/bath-room
  • Entrance-level bedroom(s)

Property images

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Apartments: studio and 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 reception room, parking.


Apartments from £455,000


Cambium is an exclusive collection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 5 bedroom houses in the leafy setting of Southfields, South West London. Offering the best in modern sustainable living, with a wide choice of homes to suit all lifestyles, the development is located minutes away from both Wimbledon Village and Putney.

Wheelchair access comes as standard.

Access Features and Adaptations:

Dwellings will provide as a minimum:

1. Clear entrance door openings of at least 800mm with level, weather tight threshold.
2. 1800mm x 1500mm approach space inside the front door, clear of fittings and obstructions, with minimum 300mm clear space to the leading edge on the pull side and 200mm on the push side.
3. Sufficient space provided (1100mm x 1700mm) to transfer to a second wheelchair, store the first, and if necessary to leave it on charge, clear of circulation routes and the required approach to furniture and doors.
4. Secondary doors: a clear 800mm door opening with minimum 300mm clear space to leading edge on pull side and 200mm on push side, level external landing 1500mm wide x 1500mm deep with 1200mm clear of door swing, level weather tight threshold as for front entrance door.
5. Passageways: minimum 1200mm width clear of obstructions where there is a right angled turn into an internal doorway.
6.Internal door openings: recommended minimum clear opening of 775mm, with minimum 300mm clear space to leading edge on pull side and 200mm on push side.
7. Living areas: space provided for wheelchair users to approach furniture, circulate around it, transfer to seating and approach and operate doors, windows, equipment and controls.
8.     Kitchen: clear manoeuvring space provided of not less than 1800mm x 1500mm.

Contact details

Name Cambium
Southfields London SW19
Phone number +44 (0) 20 3817 7000
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