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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Choosing the right mobility scooter can be a daunting process but with the current crop of outstanding scooters available and great information available that choice is becoming easier and safer so you can make sure that you end up with the right one for you. We are going to look at some of the more high end models for those amongst us with a bit more cash to splash and want to make sure that they are well taken care of and in the lap of luxury.

Quingo Vitess

A main contender in luxury scooter Quingo is a name that everyone knows and trusts the scooters are built with such precision and care and can be carefully tailored to fit you exactly. Let's look at the top deal they have to offer. You can follow Quingo here as well to learn more about them.

The Vitess Range is a stylish scooter with excellent ‘fine line’ design to keep you looking good and comes with a solid unique 5 wheel stability system which gives you suburb space agility, cornering and ergonomic posture. It has a digital dash (with night illumination) so you can easily see important information such as battery life and an extra loud horn to beep people. This scooter is a pleasure to drive with Smooth, easy tiller action for easy access and self-levelling handlebar and headlight adjustment. Twin operation acceleration and good solid brakes and you have a super nice ride.

Lots of extras such as Iphone / Sat Nav mount and charger sockets, space for coats, chassis mounted basket, and great suspension. With a great range of 30 miles this could well be the winner for you.
Quingo Sport

And to end let us look at another one from this high end company. Unlike the previous scooter this is built for the road. This is the ultimate car replacement! Powerful on hills and with a massive 50 mile range this is the one to get you around. This scooter delivers great power with 12mph and a 650 watt motor and sealed lead batteries. This scooter does give you great comfort with two tone deep foldable padded seats, arm rests, and a 90 degree swivel seat. Safety first though with a spring loaded chrome steel shield at the front to protect you from any impact should that happen the bumper folds up absorbing any shock and acting as an emergency brake.

This scooter has a 12v outlet for all your devices as well to wrap this up this is the sports scooter you have been waiting for.
Quingo is an obvious name but for a reason they have many different styles for all the different needs for you good people so perhaps you are thinking of upgrading for the summer see just what you could be driving.