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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

The search box below checks every property advertised for rent anywhere in the UK. If it's available and it's on the Internet, this search will find it!

Just type the name of a city, county, district, or postal area (right down to individual streets), plus access or other features that you are looking for into the search box and hit 'Search'.

Feel free to experiment - some search terms will work better than others, so try different combinations to improve accuracy of results.


Search tips
  • Keep it simple - start with a specific area, e.g. town, neighbourhood, postal area, right down to individual street name
  • Property type - if you want something specific, include it, e.g. flat, apartment, student housing, bungalow, detached, terrace, etc
  • Bedrooms - add number of bedrooms, e.g. studio, 2 bed, 3 bed, etc
  • Features - add anything else that really matters, e.g. wheelchair access, wet room, furnished, unfurnished, garden, DSS, LHA, etc
  • Use quotes (" ") to tell Google to search for a phrase rather than single words, e.g. "ground floor flat", "wheelchair access"
  • Refine your search - you can change or add search terms at any time. The custom search box with your current search terms is shown at the top of every search page.