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Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

Social housing is provided mainly through local authorities and housing associations. Much of the property will be for rent and social housing providers will be sympathetic to those on low incomes or on housing benefit.

Wheelchair accessible property

The good news is that the supply of wheelchair accessible housing is increasing! Most new developments will have basic wheelchair access and many authorities are insisting on the higher Lifetime Homes standard.

There are a few specialist housing associations, e.g. Habinteg who build only for wheelchair users.

Access to most social housing (including wheelchair accessible) comes through your local authority Housing Register - so make sure your details have been properly recorded and that your housing needs are fully understood. Contact your local authority Housing Department to register.

Use the following links to find information about which Registered Social Landlords serve your area:

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Social housing : Directgov - Home and community - this useful government website provides contact details and links to information about all Registered Social Landlords in the UK. There is also information about low-cost home ownership options, and links to information about housing and other benefits. It's a good starting point.

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Tenant Services Authority - has replaced the Housing Corporation as regulator for the social housing sector. Their website provides a register of housing associations and the 'Finding a Home' pages offer useful advice about finding a home in the social housing sector plus information on low-cost HomeBuy schemes.

Social homeswaps (sometimes called mutual exchange)

You can register to arrange a swap with someone else who rents property from a housing association or local authority. These sites may help: