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I must say how impressed I have been with the ease and speed at which my advert was set up… well done to you all! I normally get put off by complicated set up procedures, but your set up was brilliant!! LD Cornwall

Property and holiday accommodation with wheelchair access

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Wheelchair accessible property and holiday accommodation

On our specialist website you can view and advertise wheelchair accessible residential property and holiday accommodation. We welcome adverts from estate agents, private individuals, all housing providers, and holiday accommodation owners

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Short-term wheelchair accessible accommodation in London

Posted 03 December 2014, 5:02 PM, By

We are often asked for advice from wheelchair users who are looking for short-term accessible accommodation in London.  Anyone who has tried will know it's not easy to find!  However, we've done a bit of research and added a new page to this website with links to wheelchair accessible accommodation offered by agencies specialising in short-term lets - anything from a few weeks to a few months.  To view the new page click here.

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