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Walk-in baths from Mobility Plus Bathing

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Baths tailored to customers’ needs

For the majority of us having a bath or a shower is a straightforward process that is not given much thought but is a routine part of daily life. However, for some having a bath presents a significant challenge, especially for those with limited mobility.

For this reason Mobility Plus Bathing Ltd produces a range of walk in baths which meet the requirements of customers who have restricted mobility. Their range is designed to address a variety of problems that users may otherwise experience with conventional baths.

The Derwent

The Derwent is the ideal choice for homes where space is restricted but a deep soak is desired by the customer. This bath features a shorter than average length but a much greater than average height in order to allow the user to enjoy full body submersion even when space is considerably restricted.

The Kielder

The Kielder is designed to replace a conventional bath like-for-like, featuring the same dimensions as the bath that it replaces. This bath is ideal for those who have the space for a conventional bath and desire the same bathing experience but have trouble lifting their legs over the edge of a conventional bath.

The Windermere

The Windermere similarly is a conventionally sized bath specifically designed for those who have trouble lifting their legs. However, the Windermere range of baths has the additional option of a lifting power seat which allows the user to be easily and safely lifted in and out of the bath.

The Rushmere

The Rushmere is one of the larger baths offered by Mobility Plus with a generous amount of space for bathing. Moreover, the Rushmere range of baths combine the luxury of a walk in bath with the practicality of a walk in shower with a spacious showering area to maximise ease of use.

The Keswick

Similar in many respects to the Derwent range of baths, the Keswick range offers increased ease of access by featuring an exceptionally generously wide bath door. Again, the Keswick is designed for bathrooms where space is limited yet a deep and relaxing soak is desired.

The Hampton

The Hampton is one of the most popular walk in baths offered by Mobility Plus. This space saving design allows it to be installed in bathrooms where space is at a premium, but it provides a good deep soak due to its increased depth and integrated seat.

The Hampton is a safe, stylish and practical walk in bath which creates total comfort in which the user can relax and enjoy a deep soak. This is the ideal choice for a touch of luxury in an otherwise modestly sized bathroom.

All of the walk in baths offered by Mobility Plus offer a wide variety of safety features to ensure that bathing is a safe and enjoyable experience for those with limited mobility. With an extensive range to choose from, there is all but guaranteed to be a walk in bath suited to the exact requirements of every customer.