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The sheer volume of financial advice out there is completely mind boggling. We are constantly being bombarded by the banks, the insurance companies, independent "experts" and television talking heads all line up to dispense their wit and wisdom about exactly what it is that you should be doing to weather the financial troubles that the whole world seems to be going through.

Some favour complicated investment schemes, some say that money is inherently worthless and you are better investing in commodities such as steel or even gold, whereas others advocate keeping your money under your bed where no-one can get to it. The contradictions are incredible.

Now, I will acknowledge that to many I may seem only to be adding my own voice to the cacophony, but it is better to have at least one sensible voice (though I am by no means alone in my views) out there than none at all.

The truth is, despite all that has happened the best way you can look after yourself is exactly the same as it was before the crises - savings. Having money stowed away in a bank account accruing interest is 100% the best option you can have. The notion of somehow having a bunch of cash under your bed is lunacy: things like that are easily stolen/ lost/ burned/ eaten in an accident.

The only thing you need to worry about is that you are with a safe bank. You don't want a repeat of the Icelandic scandals where many account holders almost lost everything. Pick a good stable and solid bank. One with branches in the UK so that if anything goes wrong you can go and meet people face to face.

One of the best bets for savings at the moment is Santander who have weathered the financial storm with particular deftness. Of course, in these sorts of situations you should always shop around, but as places to start they are most certainly the place you should be doing so.