3 Tips to Make Your New House Feel More Like Home

By accessibleproperty

September 27, 2021

Moving to a new place can be exciting as it is also a new chapter of your life. You can start afresh and dress up your home to create that look you have always dreamed of. But, just the same, it takes some time to give your new living space that unique feel of being home, which is normal. There are things you have grown accustomed to – a comfortable environment that has been your haven for many years. Therefore, it is understandable to feel homesick about your old house. However, the longer that feeling lasts, the more it keeps you from being happy where you are. Thus, it is essential to do what you can to infuse that home feel into your new place as soon as you possibly can.

While you may know what can provide you with feelings of warmth and comfort, it may still be a challenge to make them a part of your new residence. To help you, here are some useful tips you can try.

1. Start cleaning the house thoroughly

Whether the house you are moving into is brand new or remodelled, there will surely be dust particles and dirt inside. As you start unpacking, your boxes will also be all over the place. Thus, it is essential to clean your new place thoroughly to get rid of the dirt. A clean house will always feel like home. You can rest easy when you know that your home environment is free from dust and dirt that can cause allergies. Use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces and windows. Make sure that the floor is spotless as well.

2. Begin with essential rooms of the house

It is impractical to get every room of your new place set up quickly. Start with the rooms that you will be using right away. These would include the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Organize closets in your bedroom and ensure that you have fresh sheets and pillowcases so you can settle in with ease from day one. Bathrooms must have all the essentials as everyone will be using them constantly. Pretty them up. Neaten up your kitchen and add some personal touches to make it feel pleasant and homely. From there, you can move to other areas of your new place, adding familiar items such as favourite artwork or photographs of family and friends that evoke happy memories.

3.  Work on your exterior and kerb appeal

Before entering your home, you will want to see a neatly tended lawn and garden that creates an impression of residents who care. In addition, your home’s exterior is visible to the outside world, and you would want it to look attractive. You may also want to add a pent shed from Norfolk Garden Sheds where you can store gardening equipment and keep your property neat. They also have gazebos, summer houses, and other quality outdoor additions that can further enhance the appearance of your new home’s exterior and give it that welcoming impression every home should have.

On a final note, always remember that your new house is not only a place to settle in after a long day of work. It has to be a place you will always look forward to coming home to at any time. You should feel that there is no place you would rather be, wherever you go, than home.