3 Ways to Incorporate Your Personality into Your Home

By accessibleproperty

February 21, 2022

Everyone has a unique personality that one can be proud of and would love to share with others. There is no better place than your home to show off your personality and make you feel that this is your space. Simultaneously, visitors who drop by get to know you a little more about how you arrange your home and decorate it. Much like artists who express themselves through their artwork, your home is a reflection of your personality, presenting a picture of who you are. For example, people know you are organised when they see that everything is neatly arranged and free from clutter. 

Your items are neatly stored away from your living room to your bedroom, and even if your place is smaller than most, it appears spacious. You would have probably checked out My Fitted Bedrooms and found the perfect solution to a tidier and more comfortable bedroom. If you have beautiful plants and flowers decorating your home, people can tell that you are a nature lover and love the look of the outdoors inside your home. Because of this, it is an excellent idea to transform your home into a place that reflects your personality and makes you feel that this is where you belong.

Below are some ways to incorporate your personality into your home and feel right at home in it.

1. Rethink the colour scheme

If you have lived in the house for years, you may have gotten used to the original colour scheme of the interior, which may have been your personal choice. A fresh coat of paint in the same shade can revitalise it and give it a fresh look. However, if you moved into a new home, the existing colour of the place is either the landlord’s or the former tenant’s preference. Repainting it in your preferred colour is the best way to infuse your personality into your space to make you feel at home. Colours represent your feelings, affect your way of thinking, and reflect your personality. Repainting helps you express yourself through the shades you choose.

2. Display your favourite art pieces

Again, your choice of artwork mirror your personality. Decorate your walls with art pieces that you have picked out yourself. You can also include framed photographs that elicit beautiful memories of times you had with loved ones or places you have visited. Each time you come home, you feel good just looking at them as you reminisce about unforgettable moments of your life. Paintings you own are those you chose because you feel a special connection to them. These pieces are what guests see when they enter your home, and they have an opportunity to know more about you.

3. Create something to show off

Add more personality to your home by decorating it with something you made yourself. There are many DIY projects that you can choose from, whether crocheting throw pillow covers or refurbishing a lamp by picking out a pretty fabric and making a unique lampshade. Nothing can show your personality more than something you made using your creativity and skills.

You will find that incorporating your personality in your home provides you with a sense of gratification and a feeling of ownership. In addition, you feel more comfortable in a place that shows a part of you in every room.