4 Smart Devices Every Home Must Have In 2021

By accessibleproperty

April 16, 2021

We’ve all spent more time in our homes than ever over the last year. Looking at those four walls for that time may have left you feeling your home is in need of a refresh. If you don’t fancy the hassle and mess of tiling the bathroom or having the kitchen ripped out, then equipping your home with the latest smart technology may be just what you need. Smart home devices are gadgets you control from an app on your smartphone or your voice, and more and more homes are joining the revolution, making their homes smarter and their lives easier. Here are 4 smart devices every home must have in 2021. 

Home Security

A smart home security system completely supercedes a traditional burglar alarm system. It connects to your network, and allows you to control a set of security gadgets from your smartphone via an app. You can install various combinations of kit to control – door and window sensors, motion detectors, door locks, security cameras and much more. You can receive alerts on your phone while away from home and can even review photos or watch video footage from security cameras. And it’s not all about spotting intruders – you can also install smart smoke and CO2 detectors too.

Smart Thermostats

These give you total control over your home’s heating system. Via your smartphone, you can easily schedule when heating and hot water switches on to suit your lifestyle. You can also make any changes you want from anywhere. So, if you go to work in the morning when it felt warm, but the weather then turned cold, you could switch your heating on to come back to a snug and cosy house. The days of heading off for a holiday then remembering you’d left the heating off are over too! They also allow for better energy efficiency and usage can be easily tracked, so not only is your home more environmentally-friendly, you could save a lot of money from your bill.


Another great way of saving money and helping the environment, smart lighting systems can also be controlled virtually from your phone or by voice command. Lights can be scheduled to switch on when you need them (a handy security feature too), and many systems can also be set to switch on and off when someone enters or exits the room. You can also set lighting to dim or brighten at your command to match your mood, or even change colour to give your rooms the ambience you desire.


Smart plugs are a great way to control appliances without having to fork out on new, smart versions. All you need to do is plug them into your mains and connect your existing appliances to them, you’ll then be able to control them via your phone or your voice. You can then schedule them to switch on or off as you need and make ad-hoc changes as and when desired. Not only great for when you’re at home, but also when you’re away. You’ll never need to worry if you left the iron on when on the way to work, and very useful for those with home security concerns – the tv and lamp can come on at the tap of your finger.

Final Thoughts The era of the intelligent home is no longer the stuff of science fiction. There are many other types of smart technology that can be used to upgrade your home, and new gadgets and gizmos are coming out all the time. The key to unlocking your smart home future is internet connectivity, if you’ve got great broadband the sky is the limit! Get online now and check out the fastest and best April broadband deals .