5 Reasons You Should Declutter Your Home

By accessibleproperty

April 16, 2021

We all have some clutter around the house. You know, those things you have no actual use for, but somehow manage to stick around. Decluttering is something of a buzzword these days, but you may think it’s not for you. You might believe clutter is relatively harmless, but there are compelling reasons why you should consider decluttering right now. Here are 5 of them to get you thinking.

Mental Health

Wait, what? It might seem difficult to believe, but a cluttered home can have serious consequences for your mental health. There is a wealth of scientific research showing clutter can cause stress, anxiety, poor sleep and overeating. Your ability to focus and process information is also heavily impaired. If your home is cluttered, then your subconscious mind probably is too. Put simply, less clutter means less stress. You’ll be more relaxed as you won’t be surrounded with piles of stuff that you already know deep down inside should have been tackled long ago.

Physical Health

Clutter can be as bad for your body as your mind. All that clutter is a haven for dust, dirt, hair (human and animal), mold and mildew. From toxins lurking under appliances on kitchen surfaces to the gunk hiding in those stacked books and papers, you’ve basically got a petri dish where bacteria and pathogens can thrive and multiply, with potentially disastrous consequences for our health. It is also a huge driver for allergies and respiratory conditions. The less clutter you have, the less places these microbes have to hide and the easier it is to destroy them. The air around you will become cleaner and purer.


Clutter causes accidents. Piles of old books, magazines and excess furniture usually lead to tripping-related mishaps. While many of the accidents cause no damage other than to pride, recent figures reveal that there are 6,000 deaths caused by home accidents every year in the UK, and most of them are due to falls. Let’s face it, we’re forever stubbing toes walking around our homes or getting bruised heads from stuff falling from stuffed shelves or overhead cabinets. The best and safest policy is to have less clutter.

More Space And Time

The equation is pretty simple – the fewer possessions you own, the less space is taken up by storage, so the more living space you have. A house or flat that feels cramped can suddenly become an airy, bright environment with plenty of room to move about. Your mind will feel less hemmed in without all that junk too. As for the time you’ll save; you’ll eliminate a ton of housework as you’ll have less things to clean. And did you know that the average Briton spends 140 days of their lives looking for lost items? Declutter and you’ll no longer need to hunt around endlessly looking for things – you’ll know where they are kept and where you left them.

Money If you start and maintain a decluttering mindset you will save money. You’ll learn to restrict yourself to only making necessary purchases – no more snapping up that bargain you’ll never use or looking for sales just for the sake of it. And by selling unwanted piles of clothes, books and household appliances, decluttering will actually earn you money. Remember those old iPhones sitting in that kitchen drawer? Well, you might be sitting on a little goldmine there, with even the broken ones having value – simply head online and get great deals on your old iPhones. And if you’re looking to sell your house, decluttering is essential. A cluttered home is simply a much harder sell and even if you are successful, you’ll likely wait longer and get a lower price than you should have done.