A Guide to Hiring a Handyman

By accessibleproperty

April 12, 2022

If you’re hiring a handyman in Birmingham, you want to be sure you’re finding the right person to do the job. Whether you need plumbing, roofing, or just general home repair services. 

There are some warning signs to look for when looking at potential hires. Here are some things to look out for and how to avoid them when hiring a handyman:

  • Establish Your Needs

Before you begin looking for a handyman, it’s important to establish your needs and determine what you want to accomplish. If you live in an older home that requires repairs or maintenance, hiring someone to assist with home improvement projects will be necessary.

Suppose you need help around your house with basic upkeep like changing a lightbulb or fixing a leaky faucet, then hiring someone may not be necessary. You can search online for reputable services in your area and start there.

  • Know What you Want to be Done

To hire a handyman, you’ll need to know what you want done. For example, do you want someone to install new cabinets in your kitchen? Repair water damage on your ceilings and walls? Install an outdoor fence? Answering these questions beforehand will ensure that you get what you want when hiring an expert.

  • Compare Quotes

Getting more than one quote is almost always wise, especially with major home repair work. This ensures that you get competitive prices and helps ensure that you get quality service from an established business. 

Before hiring anyone for your home improvement projects, it’s important to compare quotes from various contractors to ensure that you’re getting quality work at a fair price.

  • Background Check

You’ll hire a contractor to fix your place one of these days, and you’ll regret it. Don’t wait until then to get a background check on contractors before hiring them. 

Do your research and go into it with eyes wide open. There are plenty of red flags to look out for when you background check contractors before hiring them. These include not having insurance or licensing or being bonded, which could be costly down the road. 

If they can’t produce documentation showing they have insurance, bonding, or licenses—or that their license is current—move on to someone else. Be sure to ask them why they don’t have those things too! The best way to prevent an expensive mistake is by doing thorough research upfront!

  • Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, tell your handyman exactly what you want. If you’re remodeling, ask him to walk through your house and take notes on everything he thinks needs to be done.

Suppose you’re just fixing some broken things around your house, make a list of those items.

The Bottom Line

Follow up with your handyman to ensure that your job was done well. If he fixed something, ask if he has any tips for preventing it from breaking again. If there were any problems with his work, you should talk about them and agree on how to remedy them.