Awnings: How They Can Make Our Gardens More Accessible

By accessibleproperty

November 12, 2021

If you’re looking to get more use out of your garden, awnings are a fantastic option to consider adding to your outdoor space. They can provide shelter from the brunt of bad weather, whilst allowing you to remain outside and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re unsure exactly what awnings are, or the reasons to choose them over other coverings, we have created the following post, listing some benefits of this useful garden feature.

Save on space

Unlike verandas and conservatories, most types of awnings do not take up permanent space. They can be put away when not in use, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices to the size of your garden.Awnings are a great option if you want to make the most of your small gardenand be able to enjoy it in all weathers. There is the option to have patio and freestanding awnings that can retract and fold away when not being used; you don’t have to have a permanent fixture taking up outdoor space or changing the outdoor appearance of your home.

Fixed Rain Awnings

Fitting an outdoor space with awningsprovides you and other people with the opportunity to enjoy your garden – even during our famous British weather! A fixed rain awning provides a more secure option that can withstand heavy rainfall. With this type of awning, you won’t need to worry about any damage caused by the weight of heavy rainfall, which is helpful in the UK! Not to mention, you could even sit outdoors while it was raining should you so wish, without the worry about getting drenched.

Sun Protection

We’re becoming increasingly aware in modern society of the need to protect ourselves from the harsh and damaging UV rays from the sun. As well as using SPF protection, during the high heat of the summer months, it is important to remember we need to have time out of direct sunlight. Including an awning in the design of your garden gives you and your family protection from intense sunlight- making sitting outdoors both safer and more comfortable.

But Are Awnings Still Useful In The Colder Months?

Many people may assume awnings are only useful during the milder months. But did you know they don’t just provide protection from the wind, rain, and sun? There is also the option to include heating and lighting when your awning is fitted; your awning creates accessibility all year round! There is no need for everyone to move back inside once the sun has gone down. Carry the use of your awning through from the day to the night, and switch on the lighting and heating when the dark and chill starts to set in. Whatever the reasons you are thinking of installing an awning- we think they are a fantastic option for those wishing to create an accessible, practical covered area for their garden. We hope this post has been useful for you to decide which kind of awning to add to your garden.