Buying an Old Property? 5 Issues to Keep an Eye Out For

By accessibleproperty

April 28, 2021

Old homes have a lot of charm. However, their age makes them come with a range of issues. We’ve run through everything to keep an eye out for when house-hunting below.


A major issue older homes have is the presence of pests. The signs can be easy to spot. When checking the property, you’ll have to make note of any bad smells, foot prints, as well as pests on the move.

Prospective buyers hire pest control to check the homes they’re thinking of buying. The professionals would run a thorough sweep, letting you know if there’s anything else using the property as a home.

Deteriorating Roof

Even modern homes have roofs that aren’t the sturdiest, so it’s no surprise that older ones are seriously lacking. If you’re planning on installing solar panels, this won’t be possible if the house has a bad roof. Worst case scenario, it could come crashing down.

When the rains get very heavy, you’ll be dealing with leaking. From all the points mentioned, having to redo a roof is one of the most expensive. It’s best to avoid a home that needs a lot of renovations.


Take a look at the homes on the market. All the new ones have open floor plans. Such a layout would make the smallest houses look big. And the overall appearance of the interior will be modernized.

Make note of how closed off the interior of the property is. More importantly, how easy would it be to tear its walls down? Unfortunately, there may be a lot of pipes and wires inside its walls.

No Natural Light

Another thing that would make a house look bigger is the amount of natural light coming in. The easiest way to improve this would be swapping dark curtains for lighter ones.

The windows in the space might have to be swapped. To get the most bang for your buck, choose between PVC or vinyl windows. The latter would be the most insulative.

Be wise with the window style too. Anderson windows let a lot of light in and look elegant. If you’re interested in Andersen Windows Canada reviews give an idea of much they brighten spaces up.

Bad Insulation

When the houses were first built, they might have had expert insulation. However, time has passed and their insulative barriers may have probably deteriorated. As a result, you’d be blasting your AC and heater, getting a much higher utility bill.

 If the insulation of the space is really bad, a lot of cash has to be spent on renovations. Old homes usually come with a lot of problems. This is especially true if you’re buying a property that was not renovated in a while. The most important thing to keep an eye out for would be the presence of pests. But the costliest things to repair would be the roof – you could be dealing with leaks and it could even come crashing down on you.