Colour Ideas for Your New Living Room Paintwork

By accessibleproperty

August 26, 2020

Fortunately, making your living room a more comfortable and vibrant place is a lot easier than you think. To ensure that you get such an experience, we've explained below some creative colour schemes needed to convert an undesirable living room into a perfect and attractive space that is suitable for entertaining guests and accommodating the family.

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Create a Dark Sense of Intrigue

Give your walls and surfaces an impressive dark shade painting.

Applying trending darker shades of colour may look risky. However, if used in the right setting, shadowy tones remain a perfect choice. This explains why they remain the preferred choice for many people.

Create an overall background that blends in, using a feature wall or by painting a radiator in the same colour as a wall of shelves.

Whenever you are using accents of dark-coloured paints, make sure that you balance it with huge areas of neutrals.

Opt For Outgoing Orange

Elegant orange fizzes is a symbol of vitality as it is the ideal hue used for enlivening a dull room.

If you are choosing all-over wall colour, opt for a subtle shade that won't overshadow the scheme. A lively tangerine shade will give your room a more beautiful look and brighten some key areas like the wall around a window or the inside of a door in your living room.

Keep the Living Room Vibrant

Use a shade of green to breathe life into a dull living room. Green has a broad colour spectrum (such as gentle mint and vibrant bottle green) that enables it to provide energizing shades to match all tastes.

For a calming and harmonious feel, match tonal green with blue and yellow furniture and accessories.

Include the Neutrals

Adding a neutral palette with the proper balance gives you a cosy atmosphere.

 For a pleasant and cocooning effect, paint your walls with a deep shade of taupe. But to neutralise the dark tint, choose a deep shade for the wall behind your sofa, and paint the rest of the room using lighter tones.

Arrange all comfy throws and cushions in expensive velvets and thick knit wool to make the home more comfortable for the family at the weekend.

Bring Sunny Decor to Your Living Room

Yellow can introduce a feel-good atmosphere to your room. A buttercup yellow paint gives your walls the right backdrop for any furniture style, especially neutral and grey. Compliment your walls with additional rays of sunshine matched with brighter yellow accessories.

Are You Bold Enough to do Dark?

Choose dark blue or gunmetal grey as a substitute for black for a cosy and calming feel of a deeper palette.

This setting animates your living room as it illuminates it with attractive accent colours like bright yellow and pink.

If you need an alternative to gunmetal which may be too strong for all-over color, paint your walls with a paler grey and add a darker shade on your doors, window frames, or other details to provide further depth to your scheme.

Keep the Living Room Warm with Red

To transform your living room into a pleasing and accommodating space that will be attractive to guests, consider the rich and warming russet red.

This lightly muted hue contains tints of orange and brown. Its cosy feature is more visible when it is lit by soft lighting in the evenings.

Use deep-stained leather to enhance a sophisticated feel or natural wood furniture to provide the rustic feel.