Essential Home Gadgets For Those With Mobility Issues

By accessibleproperty

September 25, 2020

Making a home accessible for people with mobility issues can often be something most homeowners don’t even consider, but it should be a priority for anyone owning a home to have an accessible home, you never know what your future holds for you or any guests, so having the foundations to have an accessible home is important as you may need it someday.

Whilst some people focus on the designing their home to be accessible whilst building or remodelling their home and fold in accessible design into their home’s architecture, some homes can’t have drastic changes made to the structure of the property, so you have to optimise the accessibility of your home by bringing gadgets into the mix, so today we’ll be looking at a few gadgets you can buy to help make your home more accessible to live in if you have a mobility issue.

Electric Blinds

For people with mobility reducing issues, getting up, walking across a room and adjusting the blinds may be quite a large task for them, causing them to either live with blocked out windows or exerting a large portion of their energy to open/close the blinds.

This is where Electric Blinds come into play, rather than being manually operated by hand these electric roller blinds are controlled by a remote control, allowing the user to adjust the blinds in their home without even standing up, this will make your home a lot better for anyone with decreased mobility.

Lifting Seats

Even for able bodied people, sometimes getting out of a particularly deep chair can be a struggle, let alone for someone who struggles with mobility issues, for them even standing up from a normal chair can be a challenge, this is why lifting chairs are so popular, usually they’re built into the chair itself then help the occupant stand up when it’s time to get out.

But these chairs with the built in lifter can be expensive and are of course not portable, this is where portable lifting seats come into play, these are basically a small cushion with a built in pneumatic mechanism to lift up the occupant wherever they sit. These are easy to handle and very lightweight meaning that they can be put anywhere and even taken out of the house.

Robotic Vacuums

For those with mobility issues, vacuuming the house can be a hard task, requiring effort to stand and move around the house as well as the exertion required to move the vacuum cleaner around the home, so something as simple as running a hoover round can be a hard task. But Robotic Vacuum Cleaners like the Roomba can help with this situation, these are small plate sized robots that have a vacuum attached to their underside, rather than having to vacuum the house by hand, these Roombas will simple drive around your home doing the vacuuming for you.