Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Beam Treatment

By accessibleproperty

January 14, 2022

Wood beams are natural, structural support made of timber. You can see them particularly in wood-frame structures such as houses and other kinds of construction. Wood beams are intended to withstand bending due to forces or weight. If you are interested in using wood beams for your project, below are some of the most asked questions about wooden beam treatment you should check out.

Do wooden beams require treatment?

Yes, it's best to do so. Treating wood beams, especially those installed in places with high moisture levels like bathrooms and kitchens, is necessary. Doing so helps the wood resist moisture from seeping into the wood's grain. When moisture gets inside the wood, it will contract or swell and cause fungal damage like moulds.

Treating your wood beams helps to prevent an additional beam renovation cost. Good thing that companies like offer high-quality beam renovation at a reasonable price. After they treat your wooden beams, you no longer have to worry about wooden beam treatments again.

Is sanding wooden beams required before applying protective products?

It depends on the kind of wooden beam you’re working on. It could be difficult to sand old, uneven, rustic wooden beams. Meanwhile, modern reproduction beams with smooth surfaces are best to sand before applying anything. Doing so helps remove traces of contaminates or previous protective products.

Aside from that, it ensures that the surface is flawless. It also re-opens wood pores as a preparation to absorb oil or stain well.

How to ensure that interior wooden beams are protected and nourished?

Use oil to protect wooden beams. Oils are also available in different looks. For faster drying, use boiled linseed oil. Try raw linseed oil if you want a natural and nourishing oil finish for your wooden beams. 

How much oil to apply on interior wooden beams?

It depends on the dryness of the timber. When applying any wood oil, apply evenly and thinly, then follow the instructions on the container for how long it should dry.

Is it okay to paint exterior wooden beams?

Yes. But, first, treat them with a wood protector that does not involve wax. Afterward, treat it with an exterior wood paint that you prefer. It is also best to buy durable paint intended for wood, such as acrylic interior paint. Some experts also recommend using latex paints as they are inexpensive and dry quickly.

To attain a distressed wood look, some use chalk or milk paint. Semigloss or high-gloss sheen also makes wood beams more interesting.

What are the products I can use for wooden beams?

Recently treated wood as well as old and new, bare wooden beams can use the following products:

  • Wood strippers/removers
  • Wood oils
  • Wood waxes
  • Wood stains
  • Wood paints
  • Wood preservative treatments
  • Woodworm treatments

Final words

Wooden beam treatment is necessary to maintain the integrity of your wooden beams. Even if the timber used for your beams might be the strongest one available, you have to revamp them occasionally. Lastly, beams are an integral part of any building. So, taking good care of them is necessary and crucial.