How to create a wheelchair friendly garden

By accessibleproperty

July 24, 2020

Gardening has been proven to have amazing benefits on both physical and mental health. It increases your fitness level and can also significantly decrease stress and anxiety. If you are wondering if you can still enjoy the outdoors or even start a brand new gardening project from a wheelchair, then don’t worry, being in a wheelchair shouldn’t stop you enjoying your garden or outdoor space. However, you will probably have to make some slight modifications to accommodate.

Greenhouses, polytunnels and vegetable cages

If you are serious about gardening then you should probably invest in a greenhouse, a polytunnel or even a vegetable cage. This would enable you to grow a wider variety of vegetables that may not do too well without the extra protection and shelter that they offer. British weather is notorious to be pretty harsh and unpredictable.

However, we would advise to always make sure you check with the retailers if your wheelchair can fit through the entrance. You’ll need to be able to work comfortably, being able to turn around but also have reachable shelving. Fruit and veg cages are also great to keep rodents or birds at bay and can be found in different sizes.

Raised beds, tabletops and containers

While it may be impossible for you to do any gardening on a floor level, raised beds and other high structures are definitely a great alternative for growing vegetables and flowers. They can be constructed at any height or terrain, however, please make sure you are aware of what they involve. For example, make sure you choose the right location to ensure your plants receive the right amount of sunlight or shade.

Always make sure that you can reach all of your plants without straining or hurting yourself so that you can access all of them from your wheelchair with ease.

Paved path

Sometimes wheelchairs can be difficult to navigate through rough terrain such as uneven grass or small trails between trees, constructing a little paved path in your garden could be a great idea to make sure you can safely have access to your polytunnel, raised beds or shed.

Of course, don’t pick anything that could be too slippery when wet. Gravel and loose stone should definitely be avoided. Paving a way is the best solution but do make sure it is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.