How to Decorate Your Accessible Property Using Minimalistic Trends

By accessibleproperty

March 2, 2020

How to Decorate Your Accessible Property Using Minimalistic Trends

Decorating your property can be difficult, especially when you need the inspiration to make your accessible home as stylish as possible. It can be complex and confusing to decide what sort of decor you like and how to plan out the interior. This is especially true if you don’t have any experience designing homes to look good and feel right too.

Are you interested in learning more about ways to decorate your accessible property using modern, minimal trends that are in right now? It's super simple when you know what you're doing; feeling confident in your choices is one of the first things you should do. After all, your home is made for you, all of the decor should appropriately suit your personality and reflect your dream home.

Utilise storage space

When you’re inhabiting an accessible property, you will need all the space you can get. For this reason, you should utilise any storage space possible. This includes under bed storage, wardrobes and other units that you can add to your home. Doing this will mean you’re able to move about your property more easily and get around, especially if you’re in a wheelchair or need help with walking.

Many apartment spaces that are smaller but utilise storage are great for any young professionals who don't want to pay a large sum of money and only need a small place to live. As long as there is the availability of accessible means, then you should be fine to live in an apartment block. If you're opting for a smaller studio or 1-bed place, then utilising storage space when it comes to your bedroom will ensure you're able to do other things in your space.

Keep it simple

Minimalistic trends are simple and use colours such as whites, greys, and creams within the space. Lighter and brighter colours give an illusion of having a big space, even when it’s on the smaller side. RWinvest has countless inspiring examples on their website of design inspiration if you've got somewhere you want to make your own. Many of their properties use a minimalistic style and modern interior to showcase a beautifully compact yet livable space. Simplicity is key for a truly accessible property; it ensures you feel confident moving about your home and also look amazing too. 

Have a feature wall

White and cream walls are simple and beautiful to look at, but adding a feature wall can really improve the overall look of your home. This is great for bedrooms and living rooms which sometimes need a little extra adding to them for personality! Feature walls can be any colour you wish, and you could also coordinate feature walls within different rooms to truly make your interior design skills stand out. Navy blue, mustard, and sage green are all popular colours since they're not minimalistic, but they're definitely on-trend. Perhaps you could even buy corresponding accessories for your home matching to the feature wall too. There are tons of affordable home accessories around from stores such as Home Sense, Primark and Next, who are always changing up their styles and adding new ranges in. When shopping for your accessible home, don't spend a large amount on designer items or fancy paint, generic, standard stuff will work perfectly fine too.