How to Help Your Solar Installation Pay for Itself

By accessibleproperty

January 17, 2022

Over the past 15 years, Australian homeowners and families have chosen to invest in solar panel installation because of the amount they save on their monthly and yearly energy bills, as well as a desire to help the environment.

Electricity in Australia is more expensive than in most other places in the world, so it makes sense that Aussie residents are choosing solar installation over traditional electricity models.

Now it’s even more beneficial because the rise in demand for these systems and improved technology have combined to reduce the prices of solar panels and solar installations by almost 70% since 2007! There’s never been a better time to go solar.

How can you help your investment pay for itself?

First, set yourself up with a free assessment by a local provider.They should be able to provide you a unique report detailing how much your home could save without hassle, pressure, or sneaky extra fees upon solar installation.

Next, make sure you apply for any applicable rebates from your local government. For example in Australia, depending on the state in which you live, you could receive a credit of up to $1,850! This means your solar panels could pay for themselves in half the time.

You also want to ensure that the system you choose uses the highest quality materials available. Your solar installation won’t be nearly as efficient or beneficial if it isn’t drawing its full potential of energy or converting or storing it properly. For example the solar panel experts at Accredited Power Saver guarantee the use of the highest quality, most technologically advanced materials for your solar installation.

⦁ Inverters – Ensure they work seamlessly with the chosen panels to generate power effectively so you get as much of the sun’s power as possible. They’re also safe and reliable, so you won’t have to replace them for up to 25 years!

⦁ Tier 1 Panels – Why go with anything less? Panels should last for up to 25 years, since they are made with Mono Crystalline, ensuring durability and long life.

Now is the best time to install solar panels. Systems are less expensive, you can qualify for rebates, and your system will pay for itself in a flash since electricity is so expensive.

Make the leap and don’t look back!